Data Center Cooling Technologies Purpose-Built to Adapt to your IT

Your business is dynamic. Your data needs evolve. Dynamic infrastructure responds. It supports high, mixed, and variable power densities. It enables you to evolve without stranding capacity. It is efficient and reliable in any climate, at any load. It enables your data center to run waterless, as necessary.  Ultimately, dynamic infrastructure enables you to use technology as a differentiator and gain a significant competitive advantage.

A cooling system purpose-built for the data center

Rather than pushing cold air into the data hall, our patented and award-winning data center cooling technology removes heat instead. Our Delta Cube (Delta³) Arrays capture and remove heat at its source, resulting in a hyper-scalable and ultra-efficient environment that dynamically adapts to your IT loads.  Delta³ also enables your data center to use less water, or run waterless, to meet your sustainability and efficiency objectives.

Quick cooling technology highlights:

  • Flexibility, adaptability and reliability at any load
  • Efficiency in any climate with an industry-leading PUE
  • The ability to run waterless
  • High, mixed and variable rack densities of 1-50kW in the same row
  • Increase density without reconfiguring infrastructure or stranding capacity
  • Consume less space, electricity and water for significant cost savings

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Heat Absorption

Utilizing the buoyance of hot air and efficient coil technology, heat gets absorbed. The result: fan power reduction to 1% of IT load vs. 10% for a typical CRAH unit. This provides great benefit to both the transporting and rejection of heat.

The Delta³ removes heat at the source, drawing hot air from the rack and channeling it through coils. The Delta³ design accommodates both new data centers and retrofit facilities, improving the efficiency of existing infrastructure.


The heat is transported to the CACTUS® unit where it is rejected to the atmosphere. The result: we are able to reduce the water flow requirements by 50%. Less water means less piping and pumping, resulting in a 75% reduction in piping costs.

Heat Rejection

Heat is absorbed and transported by the Delta³, but it is the CACTUS® unit that rejects the heat into the atmosphere. The CACTUS is an air-cooled adiabatic assisted cooling system comprised of a dry fluid cooler (with an indirect evaporative cooling mode) and an integrated chiller heat rejection system.


  • Even on the hottest day of the year, Aligned’s cooling systems offer industry-leading PUE
  • Like the other components of our future-proof cooling technology, the CACTUS is factory-built and incrementally scalable, in 750 kW – 1.5 MW blocks
  • The CACTUS is a closed system decoupled from the air handler, so there are no external environmental risks or temperature and humidity fluctuations
Water Mitigation

Water Mitigation

Our patented Delta³™ cooling technology can be combined with a state-of-the-art waterless heat rejection system to create a sustainable, waterless data center solution.  This technology delivers meaningful efficiency enhancements across rising rack densities and next-generation workloads for maximum flexibility and adaptability, regardless of altitude or geographical climate zone.

Our cooling technology difference


We deconstructed the standard chiller plant and put the major components in the most efficient and reliable places. Eliminating complexity and areas where most data centers fail, our cooling technology was independently validated by MTechnology to have a reliability class of 0.25%, meaning it has 99.9999% reliability with a 400-year Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). Our system requires minimal scheduled maintenance and is continually monitored with real-time data to provide our service department preventative maintenance alerts.


Our technology is incrementally scalable which allows you to deploy what you need, where and when you need it, and reconfigure as your needs change. We pre-fabricate components for easy, fast and efficient deployment so you can scale vertically or horizontally and support 1-50kW per rack within the same row.


IT loads can vary. Our technology quickly and easily responds, and optimizes in real-time. Because our Delta³ Arrays are close-coupled with the racks, the heat removal system instantly ramps up and down based on server demand. And our variable fan speeds and pumps respond in real-time to changing loads so your system is responsive to today’s needs, and tomorrow’s.


Our systems deliver efficiency at any load in any climate to support your stewardship goals regardless of location. Our cooling technology utilizes up to 80% less energy to reduce resource usage and can be combined with a waterless heat rejection system to eliminate water usage, improving the environmental impact and lowering your TCO.


Testament to our efficiency and innovation, our cooling technology has received a number of awards, including the Edison Award, which put us in the ranks of groundbreaking companies like Tesla, 3M, Boeing and Caterpillar.

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How to take advantage of our future-proof cooling technology

Whether you’re expanding into new markets, or looking to make your existing facilities more efficient, our factory-built technology can help with your build-to-suit, retrofit, and upgrade needs. You can provision to your requirements today and quickly add capacity on-demand as your needs evolve.



  • Need a new data center fast? We offer a standard delivery model  that leverages our proven strategies, Delta³ cooling technology, and industry partners, so we can build data centers in as little as 7-9 months. Incremental space, power, and cooling can be added in less than 12 weeks.
  • We also offer custom build-to-scale services that can integrate your preferred industry partners.
  • Need to update your old cooling system? We can retrofit or upgrade your existing data center(s) using our cooling technology to future-proof your deployments and boost your sustainability.

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Sustainability helps ensure business continuity by conserving resources. By using a fraction of the space, electricity, water of traditional technologies, our technology has produced tremendous results: