Achieve Speed-to-Market and Scale with Minimal Risk

Aligned employs an advanced supply chain methodology in building data centers, ensuring that high-growth, high-capacity customers are able to achieve speed-to-market and scale with minimal exposure to risk.

Winning the Race to Keep Pace

Hyperscalers, platform and cloud providers, and even enterprises using high-density computing face multiple risk factors when planning new data center deployments. Chief among these are financial risk and ensuring on-time project delivery, as unprecedented growth and scalability demands outpace what they can produce in their existing data centers.

Moreover, when launching new products and services, or expanding their businesses into new or existing markets, capacity demand for hyperscalers, platform and cloud providers can fluctuate quarter-by-quarter, project-to-project or even day-to-day. At any given time, they must balance the pressing need of availability against the potential downside of overbuilding infrastructure.

To solve for these and other challenges, more and more discriminating high-growth, high capacity customers are passing the baton to Aligned.

Deploy Quickly, Reduce Cost, and Scale in Place as Your Business Grows

To support hyperscalers, platform and cloud providers in the face of unpredictable usage and growth models, Aligned’s supply chain methodology is founded on four main pillars:


Aligned’s inventory program is one of the major pillars that we employ in both the mechanical and electrical supply chains. We provide electrical inventory in the form of a standardized kit that encompasses medium-voltage power distribution all the way down to the Power Distribution Unit (PDU). On the mechanical side, Aligned provides a complete cooling inventory program from heat rejection to heat absorption. A byproduct of standardization, having inventory is the number one risk mitigator when it comes to delivering on time.


Our technology is incrementally scalable, which allows customers to deploy infrastructure where and when they need it, and reconfigure quickly and seamlessly (and usually within the same footprint) as their requirements change.


Aligned prefabricates power and cooling equipment for fast, easy and efficient deployment and scalability. From construction to production, our equipment is factory built and tested. We take the installation of the most critical equipment out of the field and bring it into the factory. Compared to on-site assembly, prefabricated components accelerate project timelines and reduce cost. At any given point in time, Aligned vendors hold a dedicated, 50 MW, auto-replenished pool of available inventory, ready for immediate deployment.


Leveraging proven technologies and partners, Aligned’s intelligent infrastructure allows the delivery of data centers as a utility, providing customers with a simple and repeatable model for expansion in new or existing markets.

Future-Proof Your IT Environment

Aligned can provision initial deployments of 2 to 20+ MWs of capacity, and scale beyond in as little as 12 weeks. New data center builds can be delivered in as few as seven to nine months. Aligned’s advanced supply chain methodology enables scalability within the same footprint for years. This allows customers to truly future-proof their IT environments in the wake of unpredictable usage and growth models that are becoming table stakes due to dynamic and increasing business demands.

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