Rapidly Scalable & Repeatable Model

When power and cooling infrastructure is deployable in right-sized increments, data center infrastructure and IT utilization can closely align. When capacity can be delivered on demand, future proofing doesn’t require over-building for capacity well ahead of demand. When much of the data center infrastructure is built and tested in a factory, global deployments are de-risked.

A data center that scales with you.

We have designed the data center power and cooling systems to enable very rapid incremental addition of capacity, at scale. We design, manufacture, and operate our own patented mechanical and proprietary electrical systems, which allows us to continually improve our technology and processes. We constantly look for ways to shorten lead times and increase speed to market, and use only the most proven suppliers in the industry.

Our capital partners include:

Front-end power and cooling infrastructure that is pre-commissioned, pre-installed, and tested at scale. Components that are modularized and factory-built – so incremental capacity is quick and easy to add a scalable build approach – allowing for significant capital savings and speed to market Easy installation – exponentially reducing the fieldwork required and de-risking data center deployments.


Your success hinges on your ability to ensure 100% uptime, while quickly and seamlessly adapting as circumstances change. Our colocation solution is specifically designed to meet and exceed critical industry standards for reliability, availability, security, and efficiency.

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Our colocation solution is flexible and adapts to your needs

Accessible and consumable in the amount needed, at the moment needed, and synced to the real-time needs and flow of your business. It’s a model that’s designed to not only level the playing field, but to give you a distinct competitive advantage. See how our solution helped a global cloud-based gaming company here.

Learn how our colocation data centers can help solve your challenges.

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In our client’s words

“Travel simply cannot happen without Sabre technology, and we are driven to reimagine the industry by delivering innovative ways for our travel supplier and agency customers to retail, distribute and fulfill travel for their consumers,” said Sabre CIO, Joe DiFonzo. “We selected Aligned as a data center partner for their ability to support our rapid innovation, implementation and quality product development as we build out our micro-service enabled platform and execute our global cloud strategy.”

Joe DiFonzo, CIO, Sabre

Key Benefits of Colocation

Dynamic Infrastructure
  • Award-winning cooling technology
  • Industry-leading PUE
  • Variable rack densities from 1-50kW, in the same row
Centralized Control
  • Broad visibility and control
  • Predictive indicators and analysis
  • Asset optimization and automation
Adaptive Data Centers
  • Responsive cooling and power management systems
  • Rapid provisioning
  • Variable and high density power
Economic Flexibility
  • Fast and incremental resource deployment
  • Utility-based pricing brings the economies of the cloud to colocation
  • Just-in-time provisioning aligns costs with demand and actual use


Improving your economic performance and environmental impact

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Technology purposely built for the data center to adapt to your IT

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