This blog post is part of our ongoing employee profile series showcasing the people that make Aligned a special place to work.

“What new challenges can I bring to myself?”

If Jared Goodman, who manages our Operations Control Center & Capacity Management, had a personal mantra, that would be it.

As a young man who loved competitive skiing, Jared joined the ski patrol and learned how to rescue people in dangerous conditions – and, of course, spent a lot of time on the slopes.

While working for his family property management business, Jared opened up and ran his own contracting company.

A few years later, Jared took his property management experience to CBRE where he was put on the Royal Bank of Canada account. Armed with an undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Guelph and project management in his blood, Jared became the No. 2 person running one of RBC’s largest data centers.

Deep dive into data centers

RBC, the largest bank in Canada, soon hired Jared away from CBRE to be the bank’s Data Center Coordinator for one of its enterprise data centers. For the first year, Jared spent as much time as he could with electrical engineers and mechanical engineering teams learning how data centers work. His goal was to find ways to do things better.

Jared began carrying out “inventories of everything.” Soon, he became the man with the data – the one who could help add understanding and context to the previously paper-based system.

“Whenever there was a question about how the facility was running or what loads there were or how the infrastructure was doing, I was always the one that people turned to.”

Introduction to Aligned

And that’s what led Jared to Aligned and the innovative data center optimization systems that were being developed. Jared and his team assisted in the build out of RBC’s new Facility Management Systems.

Jared was keenly interested in staying on the cutting edge of data center technology and began looking for a place where he could build the next generation of innovative monitoring and management tools. Again, he asked, “Okay, what new challenges can I bring to myself?”

That’s when he moved to Aligned’s colocation solution, Aligned Data Centers, where he now manages the Operations Control Center staff, oversees day-to-day activities in the OCC, and leads a variety of reporting systems projects including updates to the data centers’ Colocation Client Portal. His team juggles “delivering in the now” and strategizing for the long term.

Jared says he loves giving demos of the tools and helping customers explore the Colocation Client Portal. “After I’ve shown them what we’re giving them, just for being our customer, their reaction is ‘This is unbelievable!’”

A drive to contribute, to give back

Jared doesn’t just want to amaze customers. The father of two is driven by the Hebrew concept of Tikkun olam, which means to pursue knowledge and leave the world a better place. In other words, to build a better world.

In his non-work hours, Jared and his wife, Andrelle, spend a lot of time showing that natural world to their children, Henry, 9, and 4-year-old daughter Charlie. They vacation at the family’s cottage near Algonquin Park in Ontario, one of the largest provincial parks in Canada. And the family spends a lot of time during the summer and fall hiking, swimming, and canoeing near the family’s lake cottage.

“We like the country, quiet weekends and open roads,” Jared says.

Building a better world

Even while Jared is walking the floors of Aligned’s colocation facilities in Plano, Texas, or Phoenix, Arizona, he keeps his sights on the natural world not far from his home in Canada.

“I can look at what we’re doing at Aligned and feel pretty darn confident that we’re doing something that’s not just good business for us, but is good for the rest of the world,” Jared says. “If you look at everything we’re doing and how we’re designing our systems, we have some unbelievable efficiency, contributing directly to CO2 reduction. Smarter technology helps give my kids and grandkids to come a better place to live.”

Jared says he tells his team: “You’re at a company that is going to change the data center industry.”

At the end of the day, he says, we are making a better world. What bigger challenge is there?