Quick take

  • Aligned’s founder and CEO Jakob Carnemark joined a panel of five data center executives to talk about industry predictions for 2017
  • Convergence of security layers, high-performance infrastructure, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the three top trends to watch in 2017, according to Carnemark

This is a recap of an article that first appeared on Data Center Frontier, Executive Roundtable: Data Center Trends to Watch in 2017.

Aligned’s founder and CEO Jakob Carnemark joined a panel of five data center executives recently to share their thoughts on trends shaping the data center industry in 2017. All of the industry executives see the data center continuing to be an increasingly key component of the IT value chain. Consistent themes throughout the discussion include Internet of Things (IoT), rack densities, security, and edge computing.

Aligned CEO Jakob Carnemark on 2017 trends

“There are three trends we are seeing that will continue to be a big focus for our industry in 2017 – cyber security, high-performance compute, and IoT (Internet of Things),” says our CEO Jakob Carnemark.

  • Convergence of security layers: “Cyber security needs are moving beyond the traditional firewalls on the network and encryption at endpoints. The cyber wars of today require the convergence of physical infrastructure, networks and software layers enabling dynamic coordination. The increased reliance on mobile devices and increased adoption of IoT require companies to think more holistically about security and focus on end-to-end solutions. This requires next-generation data center infrastructure that can dynamically adapt to changing requirements.”
  • High-performance infrastructure: “The debate on where rack densities are going is settled. The answer is all of the above. Infrastructure needs to be able to dynamically adapt to dynamic power and cooling requirements and efficiently move from low density storage to high-performance compute rack densities as high as 40kW and beyond.”
  • Impact of Internet of Things: “The IoT space is thriving. Many of the large enterprises we are speaking with have significant IoT initiatives underway. They are really looking for data center infrastructure and cloud infrastructure capable of building a robust and secure IoT platform.”

Highlights from other panelists

  • Robert McClary, Chief Operating Officer for FORTRUST says rack densities will continue increasing as IT environments become more optimized and hardware is refreshed.
  • Dan Papes, Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing at Digital Realty, sees “greatly accelerated growth” of enterprise hybrid and multi-cloud IT strategies.
  • Trends cited by Rick Crutchley, Chief Operating Officer of IO, include continued growth in Big Data and the Internet of Things.
  • Brian Kortendick, Vice President of Market Development for BASELAYER, sees the delivery of critical data center infrastructure to the edge as a key 2017 trend.

Data Center Frontier’s Executive Roundtable also discussed the evolution and deployment locations of enterprise cloud workloads, trends in renewable energy price and availability, and modular data center market expectations in 2017. Stay tuned for a recap of those conversations as well.