Insight Brief: Phoenix Tax Exemption

At the Aligned Energy Phoenix, Arizona Data Center, colocation clients can leverage a number of tax incentives to generate significant savings – millions of dollars in many cases. It’s yet another reason why Phoenix is a top-ten data center market, and Aligned Energy is a provider of choice.

Whitepaper: High, Mixed, & Variable Density Needs an Adaptive Data Center

In this white paper, you’ll learn how customer-driven demands on the digital world dramatically increase the variability of workloads and the density demanded of the data center. We’ll explain how, in order to support those demands, data center infrastructure must change – it must become more adaptive.

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Case Study: Global Cloud-Based Gaming Company

A global cloud-based gaming company recently entered a multi-year colocation agreement with Aligned Energy for their Texas data center located in the Dallas metro area. The confidential client wanted to improve gamers’ online experience by reducing latency, so they sought a colocation partner that could execute a rapid deployment schedule, as well as deliver flexible solutions capable of scaling with business growth. Empowered by our dynamic infrastructure, mixed density footprints and centralized location, the client continues to excel in providing customers an excellent real-time gaming experience, without disruption.

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Tech Brief: A new efficiency standard challenges data center status quo

Slowing the rise of data centers’ energy consumption is critical for the environment, of course. It’s also critical for businesses that will not be able to realize the opportunities that the digital economy presents unless they get more for less in the data center.

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Infographic: Solving the Capacity Challenge

In this infographic you’ll see the top 4 capacity trends as many face the capacity challenge to keep up with the demands of today, as well as tomorrow. 

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Whitepaper: Solving the Capacity Challenge

“How do I get capacity as fast as possible, where I need it, whenever I need it, at the scale I need to keep the business going?” It’s a question on the minds of most tech giants. Delivering capacity quickly and efficiently – today and tomorrow. It’s not easy. 

In this white paper, we’ll explore the trends driving that question, and the challenges they pose. We’ll explain how Aligned Energy resolves each of those challenges. And we’ll share an actionable checklist for finding a data center partner to help achieve success today and into the future. 

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