Aligned Data Centers Opens Ultra-Efficient Data Center in Plano

Aligned Data Centers, a division of Aligned, announced today the grand opening of its inaugural, ultra-efficient data center in Plano, Texas during a ribbon-cutting ceremony with local elected officials, partners, and business leaders.

With the first phase complete, the Aligned Plano data center, situated on a 19-acre campus at 2800 Summit Avenue, offers 108,000-square feet of space and 12.5 megawatts of power. At full build, the site will provide 300,000-square-feet of space and 30 megawatts of power.

What makes the Aligned Plano data center unique is not how much space and power it offers, but rather how little water the data center uses. Similarly sized traditional data centers consume approximately 51 million gallons of water per year – enough to fill 77 Olympic-sized swimming pools. The Aligned Plano data center utilizes an advanced cooling system that consumes up to 85% less water – a significant savings and enough to support more than 460,000 households’ daily water use.

“Aligned Data Centers’ entry into Plano is yet another powerful example of an innovative and emerging company that chooses to call our City of Excellence home,” said Mayor Harry LaRosiliere. “The technology that Aligned has developed to ‘green’ a data center industry and reduce wasting huge amounts of water and energy cannot be understated. It is appropriate they chose Plano, a city known for leadership in sustainability efforts and we look forward to seeing them lead those same efforts in their industry.”

In addition to the water savings, the Aligned Plano data center employs the latest power infrastructure, which delivers unmatched reliability and agility. Capable of supporting dynamic power densities from 1-25kW per rack, customers can control the scale of their data center without having to add more space or reconfigure their existing racks.

Aligned Data Centers’ ultra-efficient infrastructure allows it to do something its competitors can’t – guarantee a PUE of 1.15. By comparison, most multi-tenant data center providers operate at a PUE of 1.3 or higher. A higher PUE translates into a higher monthly power bill for the customer.

“I am proud of the work our team has done to bring this data center online,” said Jakob Carnemark, CEO for Aligned. “For years, the industry has been asking for a better way to deliver reliability, efficiency, and agility in the data center. I’m happy to announce that the day has come.”

Aligned Data Centers is the first to offer consumption-based pricing for colocation. The company claims that it can minimize the upfront commitment for power and space by up to 70% by not locking customers into a fixed ramp schedule and charging on a pay-for-use basis. “Our clients will now have the control and flexibility they have been asking for, while enjoying the peace of mind that their data center is operating at peak performance and efficiency,” said Carnemark.

While all eyes are on the Aligned Plano data center this week, construction is in full swing on the company’s massive 550,000 square foot, 69MW data center in Phoenix, Arizona. Site selection is also underway in California, Illinois, Virginia, and New Jersey to round out the company’s core North America data center portfolio.

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Why Your Data Center Must Evolve

New York, New York (October 12, 2015) The modern data center has changed far beyond the standard physical server. Now, many organizations are working with advanced networking components, new cloud computing platforms, site-to-site replication requirements, and greater amounts of uptime requirements. Although many of these technologies have created an agile and much more efficient data center – there have been challenges during the growth process. With the introduction of all these new pieces into the data center, organizations quickly found themselves having to manage numerous different components just to stay afloat.

The traditional data center model is like the old cable TV and music models, which forced you to buy and pay for all 189 channels and all ten songs, even if you only wanted a few. The evolved data center model, in contrast, is like the new TV and music models – you only buy the show or the song you want. Where the traditional colocation model locks you into long-term contracts for power you may not use, the evolved pay-for-use model eliminates the need to forecast IT demand and provides control over capacity. As a result, you reduce waste and align your data center to the needs of your business.

In this whitepaper from Aligned Data Centers, we learn about the three big trends which have shaped the recent IT ecosystem. These include:

  • A sea of change in how we consume and pay for things
  • Rising data center infrastructure and energy costs and falling IT infrastructure costs
  • Exponentially increasing demand for IT capacity

And yet – many of today’s data center environments, seen as the foundation for our digital world, are having challenges evolving to the next-gen state. Fortunately – there’s good news.

You no longer need to be confined by the constraints of traditional data center infrastructure, providers, and pricing. Providers and partners like Aligned Data Centers help create the data center evolution option. You can deploy the data center capacity you need when you need it and pay for what you use. You can improve reliability and cut cost. You can reduce the risk of making long-term commitments based on the unknown. You can free up stranded capital that could add value to other areas of your business. Download this whitepaper today to learn how to take your ecosystem to the next evolutionary state and allow you to be in complete control of your data center.

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Aligned Data Centers Continues Rapid Expansion

New York, New York (October 8, 2015) Aligned Data Centers, a division of Aligned, announced today the addition of several key senior-level industry veterans to support the company’s rapid growth and expansion.

In August, Aligned Data Centers introduced the first pay-for-use, consumption-based pricing model to give clients greater control of data center cost and energy efficiency by eliminating stranded capacity.

Commissioning is nearing completion on the first phase of the company’s 300,000 square foot, 30 megawatt Plano, Texas data center, which is scheduled to open in November. In addition, construction has begun on a massive 550,000 square foot, 65 megawatt data center in Phoenix, Arizona. Aligned Data Centers, with backing from its financial partner BlueMountain Capital, has begun site selection in four other top-tier data center markets including California, Illinois, Virginia, and New Jersey in the near-future.

“We’re thrilled to have recruited this caliber of talent to help bring our pay-for-use model to the market,” said Jakob Carnemark, CEO of Aligned Data Centers. “Our clients will benefit from the depth and breadth of experience our team brings to the table.”

The new hires include:

  • Thomas Doherty joins Aligned Data Centers as Chief Operating Officer. Tom previously served as a senior corporate executive at Verizon where he managed the planning, design, construction, and operations for more than 40 million square feet of mission-critical real estate including Fios and Global Network, Inc. Tom brings a strong background in strategic planning, construction and facilities management having managed over 100 data center projects throughout his career. “My experience has been in managing mission-critical infrastructure at a massive scale. Aligned Data Centers is the first provider to give its clients access to hyper-scale infrastructure in a pay-for-use cost model.”
  • Mark Gibbens joins Aligned Data Centers as Head of Corporate Development and Chief Financial Officer. Mark previously held leadership positions at General Motors, Alcatel-Lucent, Affinion Group Holdings, and CFO Performance Partners. Mark has executed over $40 billion in capital markets transactions, over $35 billion in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and partnerships, and supported customer financing of over $10 billion in 20 countries throughout his career. “I’ve spent years in the telecommunication industry and have worked for one of the largest, most capital intensive firms in the auto industry. I am looking forward to helping our clients transform their data center cost structure so they can redeploy that capital on initiatives that deliver business value.”
  • Paul Fox joins Aligned Data Centers as Director of Operations. Paul previously served in senior leadership roles at Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, UBS, JP Morgan Chase, and Grubb & Ellis. Paul brings over 30 years of experience in capacity management, mission-critical operations and engineering. “I have spent my career helping large financial services firms with data center capacity planning. I am excited to be part of a company that is eliminating the guess work, so our clients can focus on what matters.”

In addition, Aligned Data Centers has attracted industry veterans from Digital Realty Trust, IO, Skanska, and CBRE to fill in its ranks in operations, engineering, marketing and sales.

“We are assembling a team of some of brightest people from inside and outside the industry. They have worked with some of the world’s most respected and innovative organizations including Google, Microsoft, HP, the U.S. Navy, and Yahoo”, says Carnemark. “We are well positioned to help our clients navigate the changing data center landscape and the disruption being caused by the cloud and other new technologies. Our goal is to remove the limits and cost drain associated with the current data center approach so they focus on driving their businesses forward.”

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