Top 15 Capacity Challenge Questions to Ask Your Data Center Provider

We live in a world characterized by capacity demand that is huge (and rising fast), unpredictable, in new markets, and increasingly variable. For tech giants, those trends drive the need to deliver capacity quickly and efficiently, today and tomorrow – and also make it evermore challenging todo so.

As you look to shortlist providers, here are 15 key questions to ask as you think about the tactical challenges of today, as well as the strategic challenges of the future.

Insight Brief: Four things to expect from your colocation client portal

Take a look at the 4 things you should expect from your colocation client portal. We leverage our Data Center Services Optimization platform to bring our clients collaboration, transparency, integration and role-based access.

Insight Brief: Power that scales as you grow

At the same time that IT infrastructure increasingly requires high density environments, being able to align density to your business needs is important from a scalability perspective as well. If you can increase density within the rack, you can scale vertically. If you can run multiple densities within the same row, you can flexibly scale horizontally. According to Gartner, “Data center managers should optimize data center space usage from both horizontal and vertical perspectives.”

Take a look at how you can scale both horizontally and vertically in our power that scales as you grow insight brief.