Quick take There are many reasons why we chose Phoenix as the strategic location for our second data center and our Phoenix Buyer’s Guide explores them all. Highlights include:

  • Data center experts like JLL and CBRE call Phoenix a top data center market for many reasons – we outline the top 5.
  • Arizona’s data center tax exemption can save millions for companies who choose to colocate in Phoenix.
  • At Aligned Data Centers’ Phoenix facility, with on-demand provisioning and cloud-inspired pricing, we keep resources and costs in sync with your evolving business needs.
  • Download our Phoenix Buyer’s Guide for more on what makes Phoenix one of the strongest data center markets and tech hubs in the United States.

In selecting a city for a data center site, basics like land, water, and electricity matter, of course. We consider power and water and fiber and safety from environmental hazards. But those are not the only factors that matter. We also care about criteria like tax incentives, which enable us to offer more services and better pricing to our customers, and how easy local officials and utilities are to work with. We chose Phoenix as the strategic location for our second data center because the city offers us the total package. Bottom line: Phoenix is a great place for data center colocation.

Download our Phoenix Buyer’s Guide

As the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) explains it, “With an abundance of skilled talent, creative spaces and an inclusive culture, the region’s ecosystem supports emerging technology companies as they establish their operations and go to scale.”

The experts love Phoenix

JLL, the real estate services firm, says demand for Phoenix data center space comes in large part from West coast companies looking to move to a lower cost, less disaster-prone location without increasing latency significantly. The largest user base in Phoenix is the technology industry, though there is strong demand in the banking & financial services and retail & ecommerce industries as well .

“Companies view Phoenix as viable consideration for data center requirements because of the short latency to California while decreasing power and tax costs. ~JLL Data Center Outlook” – Click to Tweet

5 facts about the Phoenix data center market

The list of highlights making Phoenix such a good data center market is long. Our Top 5 include:

  1. Extremely low risk from natural disasters
  2. It’s a great place to do business
  3. The government wants you here
  4. Reliable, affordable power supply
  5. Connectivity is strong

Arizona’s 20-year tax exemption leads to significant savings

In Arizona, qualified data center owners, operators, and tenants are exempt from state, county and local Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) and Use Tax (i.e., sales taxes) for purchases of data center equipment. Aligned Data Centers in Phoenix is qualified, so customers that contract with us for at least 500 kW per month for 2+ years will get the sales tax exemption – for 20 years.

How Aligned Data Centers offers dynamic IT

The financial and physical benefits of being located in Phoenix means that our customers benefit from our ability to we keep resources and costs in sync with your evolving business needs. We are able to help you adapt on demand, keeping capacity and costs aligned no matter how quickly requirements are changing. Our adaptive data center grows with you – size to your requirements today, provision capacity on demand as your needs evolve. Located in northwest Phoenix with easy access to three major freeways and minutes to Sky Harbor International Airport, our 550,000 square foot, 62 MW data center is situated on more than 51 acres, providing substantial room for expansion.

Learn more: Download our Phoenix Buyer’s Guide

Check out our Buyer’s Guide which is designed to elaborate on the many benefits of running mission critical operations in Phoenix, Arizona. And why Phoenix is a good strategic match for Aligned Data Centers second colocation facility.