Aligned Data Centers, the first pay-for-use data center provider to offer consumption-based pricing to enterprises, service providers, and governments who require greater control of data center cost and faster time-to-market, announced today that longtime industry veteran and Aligned founder and CEO Jakob Carnemark will deliver the opening keynote address as well as participate on a panel at the 2016 Datacenter Dynamics Colo+Cloud Conference in Dallas, Texas on September 27.

Event Details: 

  • How Cloud Loads and Edge Compute Are Driving the Evolution of the Data Center, Tuesday, September 27, 9:20 a.m. – Keynote Description: The “Storm Track” of cloud loads and edge compute are changing the landscape of the data center industry and require a new way of thinking about reliability, cost and scale. Aligned Data Centers is the first vertically integrated technology company in the wholesale data center space with an innovative business model that creates elastic data centers that dynamically grow with IT loads at reduced costs, higher reliability, and increased efficiency, while reducing the effect on climate change and draw down of natural resources. Carnemark will walk attendees through the forces acting on the industry while also describing how Aligned is driving dramatic innovation in their data center delivery model.
  • Really Big, Audacious Ideas: What Will Multi-Tenant Colo and Cloud Services Data Centers Look Like in 2025? 2035?Tuesday, September 27, 4:20 p.m. – Panel Description: What major trends do we now see that will define the evolution of the multi-tenant colo and cloud services data center? How are network and IT systems architects drawing the blueprints for tomorrow? Will the “Data Center” of the future be abstract, virtual, cloudified? What’s the future of energy, power and thermal management technology? What external market and business factors will drive design transformation? What are savvy investors and developers currently doing to plan for five years from now? Ten years from now? Through the lens of Aligned Data Centers’ transformative resource-conscious “pay-for-use” business model, Carnemark will demonstrate how his company is revolutionizing the industry through ultra-efficient, cost-effective solutions and highly advanced technology that also dramatically reduce environmental impact.

Taking place at the InterContinental Dallas from September 26-27, Datacenter Dynamics Colo+Cloud Conference will spotlight the future of a rapidly expanding data center sector. Through over 40 hours of panel discussions featuring leading industry professionals, Colo+Cloud will provide business, operations and technology executives the insight necessary to thrive and remain relevant in an ever-evolving market.

About DCD Colo+Cloud 
DCD Colo+Cloud will bring together senior business, operations and technology professionals from the world’s major colocation, cloud, telecoms and other data center and managed service providers to discuss the future of this rapidly growing data center sector. IoT, Smart Cities, Big Data and Clouds are driving the industry forward whilst IaaS in all its forms is providing end-user organizations with even more ways to purchase and provision new infrastructure capacity. The conversation at Colo+Cloud will focus on how data center services companies must evolve to be customer-centric and technology relevant.

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