“Dallas-Fort Worth is one of the top data center markets in the country.” That’s the Dallas Business Journal talking about some of the recent action in the regional data center market. Why is the Dallas area (which includes Plano) hot for colocation? Here are 7 reasons why we chose Plano for our newest data center, and you might consider it too.

The team at Aligned Data Centers has more than 300 years of combined experience designing, building, and running data centers for the most sophisticated IT organizations in the world. I know I can speak for my colleagues when I say that it has been really exciting opening the doors of the first Aligned Data Centers facility, in Plano, Texas.

The Dallas metro area, which includes Plano, is one of the top 18 global multitenant data center markets, and one of the top 5 in the U.S., according to 451 Research.

Why? Here are 7 reasons why we chose Plano, why experts like 451 Research and CBRE call it a top data center market, and you might want to consider it too.

#1: Organizations are doing world-changing technology work here

The ecosystem is one of the reasons that Silicon Valley is the home to so many hugely successful technology companies. There’s a strong ecosystem in the Dallas area, too. 21 Fortune 500 companies have headquarters in the area. And it is home to top educational institutions like University of North Texas, University of Texas, and Texas A&M University, among others.

As I wrote in a recent article, organizations like Baylor Health Care System, AT&T, and numerous oil and gas companies – to name just a few – are doing really innovative work in the areas of Big Data and IoT. They’re literally changing the world, and they need data center partners to help make it happen.

#2: It’s a great place to live, work, and play

Low taxes, low cost of living, and high quality of life are significant attractors, and business activity is flourishing in the Dallas area, according to CBRE. Texas’s $1.65 trillion economy is the second biggest in the U.S., behind only California. Texas ranks first in the country for current economic climate, according to Forbes, thanks to strong job and economic growth over the past five years.

#3: It’s a great place to do business

Texas was sixth on the 2015 Forbes Best States for Business list. That is in part because of its business friendly climate. The state helps reduce the costs of doing business with a suite of innovative incentive programs designed to encourage expansion, investment and job growth. And Texas is one of nine U.S. states with no income tax.

Furthermore, there’s a ready supply of talent to meet your workforce demands. The Dallas area has a well-educated workforce including 230,000 technology workers.

#4: The government wants you here, and shows it

Texas has incentivized data center colocation with a sales tax exemption on business personal property for data center users who meet the criteria.

#5: Power (the data center’s #1 input) is ample, stable, and relatively low-cost

Texas is the only state with its own self-contained power grid, which protects businesses from outages in other parts of the country. Called ERCOT, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, it was formed in 1970 in the wake of a major blackout in the Northeast in 1965.

In addition, Texas has ample generation and a diversity of fuel sources. For example, Texas generates significantly more wind power than any other state in the U.S., according to data from the American Wind Energy Association.

Overall, energy costs are relatively low – substantially lower than in other Western states. For example, in August 2015 the average industrial electricity rate was 5.70 cents per kilowatt hour in Texas, compared to 13.87 cents per kWh in California, according to the U.S. Energy Information Association.

#6: Connectivity is strong

Texas’s Internet speed and mobile networks are among the country’s fastest, according to the Ookla Net Index. Plus, a high concentration of network providers engenders competition, and gives you options.

#7: Globally connected and centrally located

Customers at our data center in Plano will have access to both lit and dark fiber connecting to two Internet exchange hubs in Dallas – Infomart and 2323 Bryant Street. From those locations, data can flow to and from literally anywhere in the world. Plus, Aligned Data Centers is carrier neutral; carriers including Time Warner, Verizon, Zayo, UPN, and Level 3 provide robust fiber connectivity across the U.S.

These are just 7 of the reasons why we’re not surprised at all when we hear that 451 Research, JLL, CBRE, Forbes, or any other organization has named the Dallas area tops for data center colocation. We agree, and we’re excited to be offering organizations in the Dallas area and beyond data center colocation in Plano.

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