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“How do I get capacity as fast as possible, where I need it, whenever I need it, at the scale I need to keep the business going?” That is a question we hear often from IT infrastructure leaders at technology companies and enterprises alike. For many of them, delivering capacity quickly and efficiently – today and       tomorrow – is the #1 challenge they face.

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At Aligned, we respond to today’s tactical challenges and tomorrow’s strategic challenges with an adaptive data center approach that enables us to deliver capacity quickly and mitigate risk today, and meet tomorrow’s needs by future-proofing the data center and confronting emerging market challenges.

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Arizona Tax Advantages Can Mean Millions in Savings for Phoenix Data Center Clients

Quick take

  • High profile bids for big name tech companies get a lot of attention, but Arizona offers valuable tech incentives every day to companies of all sizes.
  • Arizona’s tax exemption can mean millions in savings for our Phoenix data center clients.
  • Download our new Phoenix Tax Exemption Insight Brief for more details about the benefits of Arizona data centers, including tax incentives worth millions.

When tech giant Amazon announced that it would be building a second headquarters – dubbed HQ2 – outside of Seattle, the race began for cities across North America. By the October 19th deadline, Amazon had received 238 very creative proposals. Tucson sent Amazon a saguaro cactus. Atlanta designated an area of town that would be renamed the city of Amazon. And dozens of cities began polishing packages of incentives; wherever HQ2 lands, Amazon is likely to receive billions of dollars in tax incentives.

High profile bids for big name tech companies like Amazon, or Apple, or Tesla, get a lot of press. And cities roll out the red carpet. But there are often incredible incentives available to businesses of much smaller scale as well. So it’s important for businesses of all sizes to understand the location’s ecosystem and to look for benefits and incentives that make sense for the business.

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Tax benefits for data centers in Arizona

There are many reasons why Phoenix is one of the top ten multi-tenant data center markets in the U.S. They include the extremely low threat of a natural disaster. The lower-than-average cost of doing business. The low cost of power. The concentration of network providers.

And the tax advantages.

Our clients get a 20-year sales tax exemption on equipment purchases

In Arizona, qualified data center owners, operators, and clients are exempt from state, county and local sales taxes on purchases of data center equipment. That’s a sales tax exemption that can save a company millions over the life of a data center contract.

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A Data Center Dynamics article on Arizona’s tax benefits described them as “unlike many of the data center tax-incentive bills recently enacted by other states.” According to DCD, “Arizona’s legislation does not focus solely on big-name single-tenant data center operators, such as Google, Apple or Amazon. These tax breaks are meant to benefit both mega-scale single-tenant projects and companies that provide colocation services out of multi-tenant facilities.”

To see how the data center tax exemption could save you millions, download our Insight Brief

Insight Brief: Phoenix Tax Exemption

Other AZ tax advantages: accelerated depreciation on personal property

Arizona is also aggressively pro-business with its personal property tax policy. Property tax liability is calculated based on the real value of the property, an equalization factor, and the tax rate itself. In Arizona, the equalized rates are competitive, but the real advantage is in the hyper-accelerated depreciation policy under the Arizona Competitiveness Package, which reduces the taxable assessment by 75% in the first year.

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The additional depreciation can “substantially reduce” tax liability for IT equipment in the data center.  To see how much you could save, download our Insight Brief.

Insight Brief: Phoenix Tax Exemption

Bottom line

Overall, accelerated depreciation makes Arizona’s property tax environment competitive with other states. Add in the sales tax exemption available to Aligned’s Phoenix data center clients and the total savings can be many millions of dollars for a typical deployment.

And that’s not even counting the significant power cost savings associated with our guaranteed 1.15 PUE. And the cost deferment associated with our consumption-based pricing model. All because you’ve colocated with Aligned in Phoenix.

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Top 10 Power-Related Questions for Your Data Center Search

Do you need high, variable, or mixed density?

Do you have high performance computing needs for applications such as 3-D visualization, predictive data analytics, genomic sequencing, computational fluid dynamics, machine learning, or other new technologies?

Are you taking advantage of advancements in chipset technologies, .5U server architectures, hyper-converged infrastructures, and the like?

Do your compute workloads vary (perhaps because they follow the sun, or because demand is seasonal)?

Do you run a mix of old and new IT equipment, servers with varying operating requirements for delta Ts and utilization?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then finding a data center partner who can support high, variable, and/or mixed density – without increasing costs and risk – is essential.

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How do you find that data center partner? By asking the right questions. Some data centers can deliver high density, but how? Can they deliver it to meet business needs today and into the future without adding cost and risks? Our new 10 Questions to Ask Your Data Center Provider to Ensure They Can Support Your Power Needs Today and into the Future is designed to help you get the answers to those questions.

Download the 10 Questions

Some data centers are able to support high density. But can they do it without stranding capacity or adding expensive (and often risky) cooling technology? Can their clients increase density without expanding the footprint? Can they run a 1 kW rack next to a 50 kW rack starting on day one?

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In addition to a full list of questions to ask about density, you can see our responses in the new 10 Questions to Ask Your Data Center Provider to Ensure They Can Support Your Power Needs Today and into the Future. The one-page PDF is designed to help clients searching for new data center providers to assess not only if but how they can support high, mixed, and variable density environments – the kinds of environments that are increasingly critical for you to meet the demands of the business.

Download the 10 Questions

“Some data centers are able to support high density. But can they do it without added cost and risk?” – Click to Tweet

Customer-driven demands on the digital world have dramatically increased the variability of workloads and the density demanded of the data center. In order to support those demands, data center infrastructure must become more adaptive. What does an adaptive data center look like? It’s one that supports the density – high, mixed, and variable – necessary to meet the dramatic increase in and variability of workloads.

Sharp HealthCare Selects Aligned as Data Center Provider


Aligned, an infrastructure technology company that offers colocation and build-to-scale solutions to cloud, enterprise and managed service providers, today announced that Sharp HealthCare, a preeminent not-for-profit healthcare provider based in San Diego, has signed a multi-year colocation contract for Aligned’s adaptive data center in Phoenix, AZ.

“As San Diego’s leading healthcare system, our citizens rely on Sharp Healthcare’s commitment to patient-centered medical excellence,” said Sharp HealthCare President and CEO Michael Murphy. “We selected Aligned as our colocation partner for numerous reasons but one major differentiator was their flexibility and their ability to deploy varying density within aisles. This was important in our decision process because as we continue to grow and expand our services, we needed an experienced partner who can future-proof our data center needs and scale with us on demand as we need to.”

Aligned’s data center infrastructure is unique in that it responds to both standard and dynamic workloads with flexible rack densities of up to 50 kW, or 1000 watts per square foot, enabling customers to deploy computational applications without latency or disruption.

“Additionally, Aligned’s data center is considered a ‘sustainable redevelopment project,’ which qualifies us for Arizona’s equipment sales tax exemption for 20 years, significantly lowering our total IT infrastructure costs,” added Murphy.

“Sharp HealthCare is in the incredibly important business of saving lives, and the company has built a reputation of providing the highest medical service to its patients,” said Andrew Schaap, CEO of Aligned. “We’re delighted to support them to ensure their dynamic workloads are met with 100% uptime so that they remain at the forefront of medical innovation and compassionate care.”

Dedicated to continuously improving economic and environmental performance, Aligned’s footprint-based business model and flexible intelligent infrastructure solutions scale with client demand. With Aligned’s patented, award-winning heat removal cooling technology and guaranteed Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15, Sharp HealthCare will consume 85% less water and up to 80% less energy than capacity deployed in traditional facilities. Coinciding with Sharp HealthCare’s “Always Green” corporate sustainability campaign, this hyper-efficient ecosystem will lower Sharp HealthCare’s total cost of ownership, resulting in an estimated $12 million reduction of capital and operating expenses over the next seven years.

About Sharp HealthCare

Sharp HealthCare, San Diego’s most comprehensive health care delivery system, is recognized for clinical excellence in cardiac, cancer, multi-organ transplantation, orthopedics, rehabilitation, behavioral health, women’s health, home health and hospice services. Sharp HealthCare has been widely acclaimed for its commitment to transform the health care experience for patients, physicians and staff through an organization-wide performance improvement initiative called The Sharp Experience. The Sharp HealthCare system includes four acute-care hospitals, three specialty hospitals, two affiliated medical groups, a health plan, and numerous outpatient facilities and programs.

About Aligned

Aligned is an infrastructure technology company that offers colocation and build-to-scale solutions to cloud, enterprise, and managed service providers. Our intelligent infrastructure allows us to deliver data centers like a utility—accessible and consumable as needed. By reducing the energy, water and space needed to operate, our data center solutions combined with our patented cooling technology offer businesses a competitive advantage by improving reliability and their bottom-line.

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