Data Center Frontier Executive Roundtable Recap: Trends to Watch in 2017

Quick take

  • Aligned’s founder and CEO Jakob Carnemark joined a panel of five data center executives to talk about industry predictions for 2017
  • Convergence of security layers, high-performance infrastructure, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the three top trends to watch in 2017, according to Carnemark

This is a recap of an article that first appeared on Data Center Frontier, Executive Roundtable: Data Center Trends to Watch in 2017.

Aligned’s founder and CEO Jakob Carnemark joined a panel of five data center executives recently to share their thoughts on trends shaping the data center industry in 2017. All of the industry executives see the data center continuing to be an increasingly key component of the IT value chain. Consistent themes throughout the discussion include Internet of Things (IoT), rack densities, security, and edge computing.

Aligned CEO Jakob Carnemark on 2017 trends

“There are three trends we are seeing that will continue to be a big focus for our industry in 2017 – cyber security, high-performance compute, and IoT (Internet of Things),” says our CEO Jakob Carnemark.

  • Convergence of security layers: “Cyber security needs are moving beyond the traditional firewalls on the network and encryption at endpoints. The cyber wars of today require the convergence of physical infrastructure, networks and software layers enabling dynamic coordination. The increased reliance on mobile devices and increased adoption of IoT require companies to think more holistically about security and focus on end-to-end solutions. This requires next-generation data center infrastructure that can dynamically adapt to changing requirements.”
  • High-performance infrastructure: “The debate on where rack densities are going is settled. The answer is all of the above. Infrastructure needs to be able to dynamically adapt to dynamic power and cooling requirements and efficiently move from low density storage to high-performance compute rack densities as high as 40kW and beyond.”
  • Impact of Internet of Things: “The IoT space is thriving. Many of the large enterprises we are speaking with have significant IoT initiatives underway. They are really looking for data center infrastructure and cloud infrastructure capable of building a robust and secure IoT platform.”

Highlights from other panelists

  • Robert McClary, Chief Operating Officer for FORTRUST says rack densities will continue increasing as IT environments become more optimized and hardware is refreshed.
  • Dan Papes, Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing at Digital Realty, sees “greatly accelerated growth” of enterprise hybrid and multi-cloud IT strategies.
  • Trends cited by Rick Crutchley, Chief Operating Officer of IO, include continued growth in Big Data and the Internet of Things.
  • Brian Kortendick, Vice President of Market Development for BASELAYER, sees the delivery of critical data center infrastructure to the edge as a key 2017 trend.

Data Center Frontier’s Executive Roundtable also discussed the evolution and deployment locations of enterprise cloud workloads, trends in renewable energy price and availability, and modular data center market expectations in 2017. Stay tuned for a recap of those conversations as well.

Aligned Announces Key Appointment Of Kirk Offel As Executive Vice President Of Platform Delivery

NEW YORK, NY (PRWEB) JANUARY 17, 2017 – Aligned, a sustainable technology company with a mission to innovate and optimize infrastructure within data centers to eliminate waste of materials, energy and water, and deliver the data center as a utility to large enterprises and cloud players, announced today the appointment of Kirk Offel as Executive Vice President of Platform Delivery.

With over two decades of expertise in developing and effectively delivering product to market for leading data center and infrastructure companies, Offel’s primary responsibility will be to continue to expand Aligned’s service offering to large cloud players. He will also leverage and grow the company’s existing robust supply chain and integrated delivery model to offer scalability on-demand.

“Kirk has an exceptional track record of cultivating business and servicing the industry’s leading financial institutions and cloud providers,” said Jakob Carnemark, founder and CEO of Aligned. “We look forward to the many contributions he will bring to our talented team.”

“Today we are witnessing a massive advancement of what is becoming widely known as the Industrial Cloud,” said Offel. “Aligned has focused on the core technology challenges that this places on the power and cooling infrastructure as well as delivery models. The company’s platform is best positioned to not only allow the large providers to unleash their own advanced cloud computing solutions, but also to offer flexibility for tomorrow as we see a continued spike in demand for an intelligent distributed computing platform at the edge of the cloud where processing is growing rapidly.”

Before Offel’s tenure at NOVA Mission Critical, he held various management roles, including Global Account Director at CyrusOne. Additionally, over the course of his career, he held positions at Active Power, Eaton Corporation and Hewlett-Packard’s Technology Services Consulting practice while working with some of the largest data center providers across the globe. He is a member of the “Class of 2010 Military Top 40 under 40” and currently resides in Texas.

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Meet Doron Shapiro: Aligned’s Own Jazz Man

January 4, 2017

Meet Doron Shapiro, R&D Engineer at Aligned’s Inertech, who spends much of his free time playing upright bass in a jazz band.

This blog post is part of our ongoing employee profile series showcasing the people that make Aligned a special place to work.

As a child, before musical icon Herbie Hancock started playing jazz, he loved to figure out how things worked, taking things apart and putting them back together again. Before starting a fulltime jazz career, he studied electrical engineering in college. Hancock says it was his inquisitive and analytical nature, not a talent for music, which helped him learn jazz.

Inertech’s Doron Shapiro can relate to that. Doron, who holds 17 U.S. patents related to commercial refrigeration, spends much of his time away from work playing upright bass in Danbury Street, his jazz band. In 2011, after 30 years of playing the electric bass, Doron became curious about playing upright bass. After a lot of practice and learning, he is now an evangelist. “Switch to upright bass,” he urges any musicians. “Bass is the captain of the ship.”

After a long career, still time to learn

Doron, who lives in St. Louis, has been an R&D engineer at Inertech for three and a half years. He comes to the company as a veteran of several large organizations, including five years at Anheuser-Busch Companies and 24 years at Hussmann Corp., once a division of Ingersoll-Rand Climate Control Technologies. His patents include titles like “Two Stage Transcritical Refrigeration Systems,” “Distributed Intelligence Control for Commercial Refrigeration,” and “Control Method for Modular Refrigerated Merchandiser.”

Doron joined Inertech for the opportunity to learn about another type of cooling system – for data centers. After decades at large companies where work was narrowly focused and finely defined, Doron says he enjoys the change of pace at a smaller company. At Inertech, he says, “You do what needs to be done. And take responsibility for everything.”

Jazz with a heart

Doron carries the concept of responsibility with him off the clock too. Danbury Street plays weddings, clubs, and occasional charity events in support of a non-profit called Pound Pals. Pound Pals provides free spay and neutering services for low-income families and assists in providing medical care for homeless animals.

Doron’s passion for music began when we was a teen and through the years he has played in several bands. In the 1970s and 1980s, he played in a rock cover band called Condor and a rock/country cover band called Justin Thyme. In the 1990s, he played with an original band called Here, which released a CD, Take One. In the early 2000s, he hooked up with a jazz and pop cover band called City Heat.

Today, Danbury Street plays jazz from the 1920s through today. And lately, they’ve been playing a lot of Christmas tunes. Doron chuckles as he describes how fun it is to play the melody line for “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

A trio of Danburys

Doron laughs as he describes an interesting series of coincidences in his life:

  1. “I’ve been playing in jazz band called Danbury Street for the past 6 or so years.”
  2. “My home is at the corner of Weil Avenue and Danbury Avenue in St. Louis.”
  3. “I work for Inertech in Danbury, Connecticut.”

Just coincidence? Surely. “But,” Doron says, “I like to think it’s good karma.”