September 8, 2017

15 key questions that provide tech giants a holistic, objective picture of an ecosystem partner’s ability to ease capacity challenges.

Though Gordon Moore’s prediction about how processing capacity would increase over time has held true, it’s hard to believe that he could really have envisioned just what the world would look like today. A computer orders of magnitude faster than the first supercomputer – in everyone’s pocket. The ability to stream high-quality video – on a mobile phone, anywhere in the world. A company that starts the day with zero customers – and ends it with 100 million.

These are all products of a world in which demand for capacity is: 1) huge, and rising fast; 2) unpredictable; 3) in new markets; and 4) variable. There is no group more affected by these four trends than the tech giants who run the infrastructure at the foundation of it all – in the data center. For this group, the four trends drive the need to deliver capacity as fast as possible, where it’s needed, whenever it’s need it, at the scale it’s need to keep the business going. And they make it evermore challenging to do so.

“It is increasingly difficult to deliver capacity at the speed and scale the business demands.” – Click to Tweet

Most tech giants rely on an ecosystem of data center partners to solve tactical and strategic data center capacity challenges. But unless the data center provider is already a partner, how’s a tech giant to know whether that provider can actually deliver? Only by digging into the provider’s customer centricity and ability to deliver capacity fast, and the extent to which the provider enables future-proof deployments at any scale around the world.

“Most tech giants rely on an ecosystem of data center partners to solve tactical and strategic data center capacity challenges.” – Click to Tweet

Digging in is exactly what tech giants can do with the new Top 15 Questions to Ask Your Data Center Provider. The one-page PDF is designed to help tech giants searching for new data center providers to assess how well and how quickly they can deliver capacity.

Questions like ‘How quickly can you deliver (#) MWs of capacity in (location)?’ and ‘If I want to increase density per rack (i.e., vertically scale) how can I do that?’ and ‘If you can deploy in emerging markets, how do you deal with power reliability issues, power and water constraints, and human capital constraints?’ provide a holistic, objective initial assessment of a provider’s likely ability to deliver.

Download the 15 Questions

For more information on how to overcome your near-term tactical and long-term strategic data center challenges read our whitepaper Solving the Capacity Challenge or talk through the 15 questions with one of our solution architects.