Culture of Innovation

If the fundamental challenge has been a disconnect between IT and data center innovation, then boosting data center innovation should be the fundamental solution. When data center and IT innovation are in sync, it enables agility, resource efficiency, and reliability – enabling you to evolve in the Digital Age.

A team devoted to solving today’s challenges, and tomorrow’s

We are engineers. But we’re also scientists, controls integrators, builders and operators with decades of experience architecting critical infrastructure solutions. We’re a group of people who have devoted our careers to not just solving the challenges in front of us, but anticipating what’s ahead.

  • A data-driven approach to delivering the data center – we’ve replaced hunches with data and we systemically iterate to achieve ever better results
  • Investment in the research and development necessary to drive innovation; that investment in R&D extends to our supply chain partners as well
  • Constantly striving for better, simpler, more efficient solutions – for your business, our business, and the good of the planet

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