Your success hinges on your ability to ensure 100% uptime, while quickly and seamlessly adapting as circumstances change. Our colocation solution, Aligned Data Centers, is specifically designed to meet and exceed critical industry standards for reliability, availability, security, and efficiency. 

See for yourself how Aligned Data Centers solves traditional data center challenges.

Key Benefits of Colocation

  • Dynamic Infrastructure

    • Award-winning heat removal system
    • Contractually guaranteed PUE of 1.15
    • Variable rack densities from 1-50kW, in the same row
  • Centralized Control

    • Broad visibility and control
    • Predictive indicators and analysis
    • Asset optimization and automation
  • Adaptive Data Centers

    • Responsive cooling and power management systems
    • Vertically integrated supply chains enable rapid provisioning
    • Variable and high density power
  • Economic Flexibility

    • Fast and incremental resource deployment
    • Utility-based pricing brings the economies of the cloud to colocation
    • Just-in-time provisioning align costs with demand and actual use


Your data challenges are ever-changing. You need a partner who sees problems and finds solutions. That’s where our 25 years of engineering, building, owning, and operating critical infrastructure comes into play. 

We’re putting our experience to work for you

To build complete data center solutions that can scale locally or globally to solve the complex needs of today’s large enterprises and cloud companies. We can integrate our patented infrastructure technology into your existing facilities, or we can deliver a new data center to suit your specifications. 

Key Benefits of Build-to-Scale

  • Lower Cost of Ownership

    • Capital deferment with just-in-time, right sized deployments
    • Elimination of over-provisioning
    • 1.15 mPUE or lower
    • Digitally visible and optimizable assets
  • Reliability

    • Award-winning heat removal system
    • 2N Design with back-up built in
    • Fewer points of failure
    • Mean time between failure of 400 years
  • Sustainability

    Innovative cooling solution delivers exceptional efficiency, using:

    • Up to 85% less water
    • Up to 80% less energy
    • Up to 40% less infrastructure
  • Scale and Simplification

    • Unique and vertically integrated supply chain means we have a single, manageable ecosystem
    • Elastic density, dynamic infrastructure
    • Efficiency in any climate, any load