“Aligned Energy is the first data center provider we have seen to architect itself from day one to deliver a more reliable platform.

From its use of the most reliable cooling platform we have ever evaluated, to its selection of generation platforms, they are the first provider to focus on reliability centered improvements from design through operations.”

Steve Fairfax, Mtechnology


  • CRN Emerging Vendors 2017

    Data Center Emerging Vendor

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  • 2016 Arizona Data Center Awards

    Data Center Energy Efficiency Project of the Year

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  • Business Intelligence Group’s 2016 Sustainability Awards Program

    Global Sustainability Leadership Award

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  • Fifth Annual 2016 Remmy Awards

    Workplace: Under 5,000 Sq. Ft.: Internet of Things in the RBC Retail Banking Network

  • 2016 Edison Award

    Inertech wins the Bronze for SMART GRIDS & SERVERS

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  • “The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Energy”

    Inertech is listed #5 by FastCompany

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Featured Press

  • “Customers will be charged for the computing power they actually use rather than the theoretical amount they could potentially utilize.”

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  • “Aligned Energy technology company, parent company to the Aligned Data Center in Phoenix, has developed a new green energy power generation for its data centers using waste heat.”

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  • “Through the Climeon partnership, Aligned developed technology to essentially allow buildings to generate electricity from low-grade waste heat. […] Aligned's data centers enjoy a power-usage effectiveness rating of 1.15, compared to the typical enterprise data center's 2.0 or above. The rating compares the total amount of electricity consumed versus what's needed for the computing and networking equipment.”

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  • “Customers of Aligned Data Center’s 100,000-sf facility in Dallas, Texas, pay only for the energy they use, in a program aimed at helping clients more precisely approximate their energy needs. This same pricing program will be used for Aligned’s 550,000-sf data center in Phoenix.”

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  • “In Plano, one of the area’s growing data center markets, Aligned Data Centers, a division of Aligned Energy, has opened a center that offers a “pay-as-you-go” program in power usage. […] The company has a program that lets clients pay only for the power they use, as opposed to paying an upfront rate.”

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  • “A new $300 million, 100,000-square-foot data center in Dallas, Texas, is the first to take a cue from the public clouds by similarly letting tenants pay for computing power based on actual use.”

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