Introducing our new brand

And one Aligned Energy

Dear valuable clients and partners: 

I’m excited to announce we are in the process of consolidating Inertech, Aligned Data Centers, and Aligned Energy into one brand: Aligned Energy. With this change comes a new identity that we feel more accurately reflects our company’s client-centric culture and our commitment to making it as easy as possible to do business with us. 

With this new momentum, it’s a perfect time to focus our vision, drive and resources—to recommit ourselves to developing the most efficient and scalable solutions you rely on. Our arrival at this moment is the result of a lot of growth, progress, and hard work. A single, unified brand will help us more easily share our ideas and technology with you— and to provide you with a better client experience.

Whether you’re a business with complex data needs, a cloud service provider, or something in between, we’ll continue to provide you with colocation and build-to-scale solutions that uniquely maximize reliability and environmental sustainability, and seamlessly adapt to your evolving business needs.

We’re excited about this latest development, and hope you’ll reach out if you have questions. In the meantime, know that one thing will always remain the same: the exceptional service, ingenuity and expertise you’ve come to expect from us.

Andrew Schaap / CEO

Aligned energy reimagined

  • Before the three became one

    We started our journey by measuring the opportunities for greatest improvement within the data center environment. Our data center services optimization platform gave us the visibility to realize there was a need for a heat removal solution. That discovery led to our patented cooling technology, which was followed by our ability to build and operate our own data centers.

  • Economic performance and environmental impact

    With data centers as our pedigree, we set out to engineer critical facilities to operate at their peak while simultaneously resulting in greater reliability and the most efficient use of energy, water, and resources.

  • Reliability meets adaptability

    We spent a long time thinking about the value we could add to our clients. We believed reliable and efficient solutions were just the starting point. And there was a need to adapt to the unknowable and make it easier for our clients to do business.

  • One Aligned Energy

    We concluded that asking data centers to be absolutely reliable was no longer asking enough. One Aligned Energy is about bringing you more visibility. More savings. More scalability. More client centricity. And more adaptability to the unknown.

Our Brand Promise

To provide a business advantage to our clients by making data centers rapidly scalable enough to deliver them on-demand, while improving economic performance and environmental impact.


  • Why the change?

    We wanted to make it easier on our clients and partners to do business with us. By having on brand with multiple solutions, products, and services we hope to enhance our client experience and simplify the way we do business.

  • What happens to the subsidiaries?

    Our products and solutions will remain the same – they’ll just operate under a new brand name – Aligned Energy.

  • What happens to existing contracts and agreements?

    They will all stay exactly the same as well – there is no impact to our agreements and contracts for our partners or clients.

  • How long will it take for the change to take place?

    You’ll see changes taking place over the next couple of months. We hope to have the brand completely transitioned by the end of the year.

  • What does the new brand identity represent?

    Reliability. Sustainability. Scalability. Adaptability. And Innovation. The new identity is a reflection of the unique characteristics Aligned Energy brings to bear: the stability and reliability you expect, with the dynamism and innovation that drives evolution.

  • Is anything else changing with Aligned Energy?

    We’ll have one brand and easier ways to find our solutions, but that’s the bulk of the change you can anticipate from us. We’ll update our website and our materials, but we’ll remain committed to giving you the best experience possible.