Adaptive data centers – purposefully architected for you.

We deliver adaptive data centers to help you scale resources incrementally and support ever increasing, dynamic compute loads, without stranding capacity. Our Colocation and Build-to-Scale solutions are architected by our intelligent infrastructure, a rapidly scalable and repeatable model, and a culture of innovation, to adapt to your changing business needs.  

Dynamic Infrastructure

Your business is dynamic. Your data needs evolve. Dynamic infrastructure responds. It supports high, mixed, and variable power densities. It enables you to evolve without stranding capacity. It is efficient and reliable in any climate, at any load. Ultimately, dynamic infrastructure enables you to use technology as a differentiator and gain significant competitive advantage. 

  • A cooling system purposely-built for the data center

    Instead of forcing cold air into the data hall, our patented cooling system removes the heat at its source, with heat sinks close-coupled with the server racks. A thermal hub exchanges the absorbed heat to the closed circuit loop and the heat is transported for rejection to the atmosphere. The system relies on free cooling most of the time, even in hot climates. 

    • Dynamic IT loads – the system ramps up and down based on server load  
    • High and mixed densities – from 1 kW per rack up to 50 kW, within the same row 
    • Increase density without reconfiguring the data center or stranding capacity
    • 99.9999% reliability – we’ve dramatically reduced points of failure
    • Up to 80% less energy, 85% less water, and 40% less infrastructure for lower overall TCO

Infrastructure Optimization Portal

When you can see historical and real time utilization, combined with the power of predictive analytics to plan for more capacity, then you can future-proof without over-provisioning. When you have actionable insights into how the data center is operating, you can make decisions confidently.

  • Above and beyond a traditional DCIM

    Our infrastructure optimization portal offers true transparency, with a singular portal that includes capacity planning, asset optimization, ticketing, and business intelligence. Instead of multiple access points, you have one centralized portal, enabling broader visibility and a more insightful approach to asset management.   

    • Reporting, real-time monitoring, and capacity management tools
    • Rack-level power consumption and utilization tracking
    • Predictive indicators and analysis
    • Preset triggers for automated responses and actions

Rapidly Scalable & Repeatable Model

When power and cooling infrastructure is deployable in right-sized increments, data center infrastructure and IT utilization can closely align. When capacity can be delivered on demand, future proofing doesn’t require over-building for capacity well ahead of demand. When much of the data center infrastructure is built and tested in a factory, global deployments are de-risked. 

  • A data center that scales with you

    We have designed the data center power and cooling systems to enable very rapid incremental addition of capacity, at scale. We design, manufacture, and operate our own patented mechanical and proprietary electrical systems, which allows us to continually improve our technology and processes. We constantly look for ways to shorten lead times and increase speed to market, and use only the most proven suppliers in the industry. And we have the access to capital to do it through our capital partner, BlueMountain Capital Management.

    • Front-end power and cooling infrastructure that is pre-commissioned, pre-installed, and tested at scale 
    • Components that are modularized and factory-built – so incremental capacity is quick and easy to add
    •  A scalable build approach – allowing for significant capital savings and speed to market
    • Easy installation – exponentially reducing the fieldwork required and de-risking data center deployments

Culture of Innovation

If the fundamental challenge has been a disconnect between IT and data center innovation, then boosting data center innovation should be the fundamental solution. When data center and IT innovation are in sync, it enables agility, resource efficiency, and reliability – enabling you to evolve in the Digital Age. 

  •  A team devoted to solving today’s challenges, and tomorrow’s

    We are engineers. But we’re also scientists, controls integrators, builders and operators with over 25 years of experience architecting critical infrastructure solutions. We’re a group of people who have devoted our careers to not just solving the challenges in front of us, but anticipating what’s ahead.  

    • A data-driven approach to delivering the data center – we’ve replaced hunches with data and we systemically iterate to achieve ever better results 
    • Investment in the research and development necessary to drive innovation; that investment in R&D extends to our supply chain partners as well  
    • Constant striving for better, simpler, more efficient solutions – for your business, our business, and the good of the planet