Founded by passion, engineered through innovation.

We believe that intelligent engineering has the power to reduce the social, economic, and environmental impact of the new digital age. As one of the fast-growing users of energy and water, we believe that data centers are the power plants of the 21st century. 

We can get you up and running quickly in our fully equipped Colocation facilities in Phoenix, AZ or Dallas, TX, integrate our technologies to optimize your existing facilities, or work with you to deliver a new data center that fully utilizes our intelligent infrastructure through our Build-to-Scale solution


Data centers are our pedigree and innovation is our DNA – bringing new approaches to our customers, the way we work, and the world at large. Behind each innovation are the people who conceive it and work hard to see it become reality. 

  • Jakob Carnemark

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Tom Doherty

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Tom Blair

    Chief Sales Officer
  • John Petralia

    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Kirk Offel

    Executive Vice President, Platform Delivery
  • Anubhav Raj

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Earl Keisling

    Co-founder and CEO, Inertech
  • Paul DeRonde

    President and CEO, Energy Metrics
  • Zach Gentry

    Chief Strategy Officer, Energy Metrics
  • Raj Avadaippan

    Chief Information Officer
  • Vanessa Bottazzi

    Vice President, Human Resources

Join Us

We’re a group of people who have devoted our careers to not just solving the challenges in front of us, but anticipating what’s ahead. This forward-thinking mindset keeps us constantly innovating, looking beyond what currently exists and continually striving for better, simpler, more efficient solutions, for your business, our business, and the good of the planet.

Does this sound like you? If so, we want to talk to you. Email to learn more about our open roles.

Capital Partners

Data centers are a capital-intensive business. We have partnered with BlueMountain Capital Management, a diversified alternative asset manager with over a decade of experience, to provide the financial backing for our expansion and to help you meet your data center growth requirements.

Take a closer look at BlueMountain Capital Management.